Cool Facts About Sacramento, California You Probably Didn’t Know

Sacramento, California has been home to many people for many generations. However, some of the city’s coolest facts remain unknown to many people including some local residents. From historical events, local business quirks and other exciting highlights in the city, Sacramento is truly an interesting place to visit and to live in.

Here are some of the cool facts you probably never heard of about this lovely place:

Sacramento was not the original capital of California.

The capital city of California was not always Sacramento. These were the capitals in order and their corresponding years–Monterey (1849), Pueblo de San Jose (1849), Vallejo (1852), Sacramento (1852), Vallejo (1853), Beniga (1853), and finally, back to Sacramento in 1854. It has remained the capital since the 28th of February on this year.

The reason why Sacramento eventually became the permanent capital was due to its inland location. It was considered safe from invading enemies back in the day.

You can find almonds everywhere.

Almonds are not exactly the cheapest healthy snack around. However living in Sacramento allows you to be surrounded by them and to buy them at a more affordable price.

The Blue Diamond Company is the home of these almonds. When in season, the company processes over 12 million pounds of almonds, making it the number 1 producer in the United States. Sacramento has also been dubbed as the Almond Capital of the World for its 2.10 billion pounds of production in the year 2014.

Two rivers run through the city.

This is the city where the American River and the Sacramento River meet. This meeting of rivers is called the “convergence” and it only happens at the Discovery Park.

When you plan to visit California, try to visit Discovery park as well. Some folks claim that it is open all year round but make sure to check their website first to ensure that you are visiting on an open season.

Sacramento is also called the City of Trees.

The city of Sacramento has many nicknames, and one of them is the “City of Trees.”

There are so many elms, oaks and sycamore trees that provide the perfect shade and green aesthetic to the community. Moreover, it adds to the much-needed temperature regulation during the summer months as trees’shade can help lower the temperature on a scorching day. It is also stated that Sacramento has the most trees per capita in the nation.

The train culture is very much alive.

Another interesting fact about Sacramento is that it is the first place where the transcontinental railroad broke off during the 1860s, making it officially the terminus of the first railroad to run to coast to coast.

You will find here the California State Railroad where history is vibrant. This museum will show you the development of railroad travel and how technology shaped the development of the country.

The zoo is a historical treasure.

The Zoo of Sacramento is a historical treasure as it has been around since 1927. Today, it still operates and continues to delight visitors. It is not only an excellent place to take your kids to, but it also hosts many schools and non-profit events to raise funds and awareness. Many schools also conduct field trips here where they take their pupils to enjoy nature whether it be a quick day trip or a planned sleepover on the property.

If you are now convinced to visit or move to Sacramento, you will enjoy the city most during the Spring and Autumn season. You may also visit the Summer, but the weather can get really hot. The warmest recorded weather was 115 degrees.